iPower Systems

iPower Systems – Never lose power again.

Protect your entire home with a clean, renewable power source, no fossil fuels needed. iPower Systems are the most efficient and environmentally friendly backup power system on the market today.

Our systems are powered by fully automated deep cycle battery/inverter systems.They are “state of the art” and are noise free. No more listening to that generator run on endlessly for hours at a time. When the main power grid to your home goes out, the system will instantaneously ‘take over’ and power your home noise free for hours, and even days, depending on the number of storage banks that you have. Contact us for a free demonstration and estimate. We use what we sell and install and our entire office building is powered by an iPower system.

During normal power operations the battery/inverter system will keep the storage batteries optimally charged at all times. They receive their charge from the normal operation of the commercial power grid that powers your home or office. When that power supply is discontinued to your building, for whatever reason, the iPower system instantaneously takes over to power the home or office, totally seamless and noise free.

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